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Diehard: -Bruce is telling CArmine some rude shit
Come2Coast: My 3rd fav must download
12monkeys: i'm not crazy
butt: Vulgar Bruce
Motto:: Bruce Tells Damon about his philosophy.
Deja Vu: Samething is happening to Bruce.
Stuttering Simon: -Mocking Simon, Bad Bruce
CATS: -Bruce Prefers cats over the real thing
AMERICANS: -Americans are shit
Meat Popsicle: -Corbin Dallas saying his status
Nobody: Bruce is told that he is nobody
What Mission: Save the world for Corbin Dallas
Mimes: - Bruce hates mimes
Pizza Order: -mad about pizza order
Nice Guy: Bruce thinks he is nice.
Promise: I promise Grace.
Screamin: The screamin part I believe.
Who Killed?: Kennedy Killer.
Why Me?: Whe did the call Bruce?.
Will make it work: Bruce is determined.

Here Some more that people requested or they are new to me. Enjoy!!

Yippee: Yippe Kiyah MotherF**KE*.

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